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Bad Examples of Customer Services & How to Fix Them

Good customer service is essential for any business, but what are the risks of ignoring it? When it comes to customer support in the digital arena, African businesses and the government needs to know the consequences of bad customer support and how beneficial an efficient functioning customer support system can be. Good customer service and business success are closely linked. One firstly needs to understand the meaning of what good customer service is, how it affects businesses and how it can help build a strong base between clients and businesses.

What is classified as bad customer service?

We can say that when businesses fails to meet their customer expextationsin terms of response time, service quality and customer experience that is bad customer service. This is costly because of inefficient customer support staff, inability to understand the customer needs and lacking real time support base. Poor customer service does not only worsens existing client base relations but also endangers potential opportunities brought by new customers, which result in loss of business since most or some customers might choose to leave for other businesses because of poor customer service experience.

How to identify good customer service and bad customer service

Dzuwa salodzerana! Good customer service always speaks for itself. When you want to make your customers experience with you worth it and put your business in good books with customers then you need to possess the following attributes.

  1. Timely resolution of customer problems
  2. Offering effective solutions during first contact with customer
  3. Valuing customer’s time and feedback
  4. Following good customer service etiquette so that customers feel comfortable and at ease

On the other hand bad customer service ends up building a negative customer experience and dissatisfaction in your business. This has adverse effects on your business, namely; decreased customer base. In order to identify businesses with poor customer services you only have to look at the following elements.

  1. Customer service team lack of empathy
  2. Making customers wait
  3. Being transferred multiple times
  4. Providing inaccurate and sometimes wrong information

How bad customer service affects your business

A lot of businesses are not aware how a poor customer service experience can impact their overall brand. Poor customer support will affect your business in the following ways;

  1. Impact on brand loyalty: When you have loyal  customers, that is a strong predictor that your business will be sustained in a long-term but poor customer service will leave your customers in the cold and looking for an alternative to your business
  2. High customer service costs: The process of acquiring and convincing new customers is high as compared to maintaining an existing one
  3. Increased churning rate: Poor or substandard customer service will always turn customers away

Poor customer service is costly to any business. However if your business chooses the right strategy, you can circumvent the detrimental effects that follows due to poor customer service. Blessings Ngalande Digital Marketing Agency can help you deliver customer centric experience, where we will help you to prioritize your customer experience. You will not only eliminate the negative impact of bad customer service but you also build brand loyalty and lifelong customer base relationship. At our Agency we provide automated customer support system that will allow your business to deliver real time support.

Why Blessings Ngalande Digital Marketing Agency?

When your business doesn’t seem to feel bad for the upset customers, know that you have a problem. Your business can avoid complaints instead of always evading these situations. Our Agency knows how to handle complaints, because we have a customer support team that understand and care about your customer needs and their frustration by demonstrating empathy.

The studies are there to indicate that if you don’t pay attention to customer needs; your business reputation will suffer because of your businesses’ perceived lack of empathy. We can help your business to stand out, our Agency only hire customer support agents who are driven by the will to help customers and we use technologies that promote proactive support.

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