Free Website Application Process

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    Please click on the "Apply under 3 minutes" button to inform me about the type of website you would like to have built. Each application is thoroughly reviewed, and I accept individuals with whom I am genuinely enthusiastic about working with.

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    Website Setup

    Once your application is approved, I will assist you in getting set up with web hosting and proceed to develop the backend of your WordPress website. This process will involve installing essential plugins to enhance security, optimize loading speed, and configure your website for improved search engine rankings. Additionally, I will implement automated website backups to ensure the safety of your data at all times.

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    Theme Selection

    In order to achieve a visually stunning website, I will guide you in choosing a professionally designed template. Furthermore, I will provide you with the necessary instructions to easily edit the template yourself, eliminating the need to hire a web developer whenever you wish to make adjustments or modifications.

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    Personalization and Website Handover

    I will personalize and modify the chosen website design according to your preferences, ensuring it reflects exactly what you envision. Additionally, I will optimize its loading speed and configure it to achieve favorable rankings on search engines.

    Once the customization process is complete, I will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to independently edit and update your website, granting you full control over its content and management.

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