Get a free professional website at no cost and kickstart your business.

I design visually appealing WordPress websites at no cost for Malawian small business owners. The majority of the websites are completed within 2-8 hours of work. As part of my free website service, I don’t design highly complex websites with extensive advanced features. 

In essence, what this means is that I will ensure your website is live, set up all the necessary elements on the backend, and provide you with an impressive design that will make your website visually striking.

Free Website Application Process

Please fill and submit the form at the end of this page to inform me about the type of website you would like to have built. Each application is thoroughly reviewed, and I accept individuals with whom I am genuinely enthusiastic about working with.

Once your application is approved, I will assist you in getting set up with web hosting and proceed to develop the backend of your WordPress website. This process will involve installing essential plugins to enhance security, optimize loading speed, and configure your website for improved search engine rankings. Additionally, I will implement automated website backups to ensure the safety of your data at all times.

In order to achieve a visually stunning website, I will guide you in choosing a professionally designed template. Furthermore, I will provide you with the necessary instructions to easily edit the template yourself, eliminating the need to hire a web developer whenever you wish to make adjustments or modifications.

I will personalize and modify the chosen website design according to your preferences, ensuring it reflects exactly what you envision. Additionally, I will optimize its loading speed and configure it to achieve favorable rankings on search engines.

Once the customization process is complete, I will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to independently edit and update your website, granting you full control over its content and management.

Why Do I Do This?

I design professional websites for Malawian small businesses and entrepreneurs without any cost, a service for which other professionals or agencies typically charge a lot of money.

My motivation behind this is straightforward: it allows me to establish connections with business owners who may consider hiring me for bigger paid projects in the future as their businesses expand.

Blessings Ngalande - Small Business support

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer free website design as a means to establish connections with small business owners and entrepreneurs. This approach allows me to demonstrate my skills and capabilities, building trust and satisfaction with my clients. Many individuals for whom I have built websites for free have expressed their contentment with the results and have subsequently hired me for other paid projects as their businesses progress. These projects can involve the creation of more intricate websites, or ongoing maintenance and development work.

I cover my website development costs by requesting you to sign up for web hosting with Asura Hosting, one of the well-known web hosting providers, using my affiliate link. When you utilize my link, I receive a commission from Asura Hosting, while you don’t incur any additional expenses.

This commission enables me to recover some of the costs associated with building the websites. It’s a simple way for me to sustain the free website service while providing you with the necessary web hosting solution.

To avail of my free website service, it is necessary to sign up for web hosting with one of my recommended providers. Asura Hosting offers an affordable hosting plan starting at just MK1,000/month, which can be accessed through my discount link.

To make your website accessible online, it is necessary to invest in web hosting services. The only alternative to this is utilizing platforms like WordPress. However, when using WordPress, your domain will include “WordPress” as a sub-domain (e.g.,, rather than having your own standalone website with a custom URL (e.g., To have a personalized website with a dedicated URL, web hosting is a requirement.

No, you do not need to have a domain name already. As part of the website building process, I can assist you in selecting and registering a domain name if you don’t have one. I will guide you through the domain registration process to ensure your website has a unique and suitable domain name.

No, there are no hidden costs or subscription fees involved in my free website service. I will not request your credit card information or ask you to sign any payment contracts.

However, you will need to sign up for website hosting with Asura Hosting, which is a necessary step to make your website accessible on the internet. The hosting cost is just MK1,000, and the commission I receive from the hosting provider is covered by them, not you.

Additionally, if you prefer, you have the option to pay for a professional website template for me to build your website on. However, it is also possible to choose a free template, such as those offered by WordPress. The choice is entirely up to you.

I thoroughly assess each application that I receive, taking into account the following factors:

  1. Concept: I evaluate whether the proposed website concept aligns with my interests and expertise.
  2. Ethical Considerations: I ensure that the website’s content and purpose adhere to ethical standards.
  3. Complexity: I determine if the website project falls within the scope of my free-website program, avoiding highly complex projects that may require extensive resources beyond what is offered for free.

I typically complete the review process for most applications within a timeframe of 48-72 hours. From the pool of applicants

I utilize WordPress, which is the most widely used content management system for website development. It powers approximately 30% of the internet, making it a highly popular platform. In my view, WordPress is the ideal choice for the majority of websites, unless you require an exceptionally complex solution.

WordPress is free and can be easily installed on your web hosting platform after you have signed up for hosting services.

As part of my free website program, I specialize in building simple yet professional websites. However, please note that I do not undertake highly complex website projects within this program.

No, you do not need to possess technical expertise to launch a website. I will guide you through the entire process, providing clear, step-by-step instructions. Additionally, once I have completed your website, I will supply you with a comprehensive instructional video that demonstrates how to make further edits and modifications. This way, you won’t require the assistance of a website developer in the future.

To ensure a visually appealing website, it is highly recommended to utilize professionally designed templates. These templates are created by expert graphic designers and significantly enhance the appearance of your website.

I offer various options for templates, allowing you to choose between a free WordPress template, your own pre-purchased template, or the popular webpage-builder, Divi. There is a vast selection of exceptional professional WordPress themes available, and together we will explore these options to determine the most suitable template for your website. Once you have made a decision, simply inform me about the desired modifications or edits to the template, and I will diligently work on customizing your website to meet your preferences.

Under the assumption that you respond to emails promptly and do not require complex additional features, my goal is to complete your website within a timeframe of approximately three weeks. However, if you require more time to consider and finalize aspects such as content, design, or logo, that is not an issue as I am flexible and can work at your preferred pace.

Absolutely, you will have full control over your website. After completing the website development process, I will delete my user account, which grants access to the backend of your website. This ensures that I no longer have the ability to make any edits or changes. You will be the sole owner and controller of your website, with complete autonomy.

Certainly! Once I have completed your website, I will provide you with a comprehensive video tutorial that explains how to make additional edits on your own. This ensures that you won’t need to hire a web developer for future updates. You will have complete control over your website and the necessary training to make refinements and updates yourself. Whether it’s adjusting buttons, text, content, photos, or any other element of the website, you will have the freedom to make changes as desired.

I do not offer long-term support for free. However, in most cases, you should not require my support as I will guide you on how to make edits to your website yourself. With the training I provide, you will have the skills to manage your own website, as WordPress is user-friendly and relatively easy to use. Unless you are working on a highly complex project, you should be able to handle updates and modifications independently, without the need to hire another web developer.

I will assess your application and determine suitability within 48-72 hours. If approved, I will design your website at no cost to you.

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